Who is it for?

The following personas were developed around the basic facts of their person – such as gender, age and profession – the relevant behaviours they exhibit in their daily life and the needs they have in order to pursue certain goals related to the topics of the eCraft2Learn project.


Personas help to:
  • Determine what a tool should do and how it should behave. Persona goals and needs provide the foundation for the design effort.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and developers. Personas provide a common language for discussing design decisions and also help keep the design centred on the user at all times.
  • Build consensus and commitment to the design. Because personas resemble real people they are easy to relate to. Having personas makes it easier to be certain that everyone is on the same page and is using the same language.
  • Measure the design’s effectiveness. Design choices can be tested on a persona, providing a powerful reality-check for designers trying to solve design problems. This allows design iteration to occur rapidly and inexpensively at the whiteboard. This results in a stronger overall design that can then be tested with real people.


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